4–6/7/2019 Hradec Králové
In less than two years of existence, this angry bunch of excellent musicians has built a worldwide reputation and counts hundreds of thousands and millions of views on YouTube. This gem of great wind instruments musicians have decided in today’s strange and uncertain times to engage most of its brass instruments into a battle and to breathe through their fans along with them into action.
Brass Against and their mix of jazz, rock, and hip-hop is fundamental the stunning energy and musicality with which they made cover versions of Rage Against Machine, Living Color, Public Enemy, Kendrick Lamar, Fugees, Audioslave, Tool but also Janes Addiction, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. All this suggests that Brass Against, with its great music, can help at least one evening to breathe out the frustration from the current political leaders whether their surname starts with T., Z., B. or F…
Brass Against was mainly created as a response to Donald Trump’s election for US President: “When Trump announced his candidacy, I realized we needed a Rage Against The Machine (whom, by the way, already anticipated Trump’s rise in their song Sleep Now in the Fire in 2000) and other rockers more than ever, ”says the band’s founder and spiritual leader, guitarist Brad Hammonds, adding:“ When he was elected and his presidency started in January 2017, fear and anger were replaced by shock and anger. It was clear to me that I had to do something with the Rage songs … ” In August, he meets with baritone-saxophonist Andrew Gatauskas to record first RATM songs. Working in the studio was immensely entertaining, and in a few weeks, they were recording Bombtrack with the fully-occupied brass band. When singer and rapper Sophia Urista appeared and cut out Killing in the Name, millions of views on YoutTube definitely confirmed that not only musicians dissatisfied with the state of affairs and are interested in the music that says something. Especially when the annoyance can turn into an incredible dose of positive energy.