4–6/7/2019 Hradec Králové

Fat Lip, In Too Deep, Still Waiting or Pieces … The band SUM 41 has written a number of hits during their career, that are still favorites today just like fifteen years ago. Czech audience has been convinced about it several times. Ajax is a town near Canadian Toronto where it all started.

In the second half of the nineties, singer Deryck Whibley and drummer Steve Jocz put together a band later known as SUM 41. They are still killing it even with their debut album All Killer No Filler or over ten years old third album Underclass Hero, and guys like returning to the Czech Republic.

Deryck Whibley became well-known thanks to marriage with Avril Lavigne. While the punk star Avril managed to perform in Prague during the time of their biggest love, SUM 41 performed for us just before their divorce in 2010. They played at totally crowded Roxy for the last time two years ago. At that time lead singer was already after rehab. After such life circumstance, he managed to write songs that returned band back to the game. Their last album 13 Voices has impressed both fans and music critics.

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