4–6/7/2019 Hradec Králové

Swedish stanza of melodic death metal originating from Gothenburg. The band or rather a musical institution can be totally called a legend as they made twelve full-length albums in a row. The thirteenth album called “I, The Mask” is being released on March 1. In their 30-year long career, they transformed from melodic death metal with folk elements to pure or alternative death metal, almost thrash metal so they meet their roots and at the same time give inspiration and creative footprints for their fans around the world. The intense melodic lines are balanced by almost schizophrenic content in the work of In Flames when charismatic singer Anders Friden wants to destroy the world for which he cries and calls God, whose love he rejects at the same time. Death is a basic ingredient, just like a double bass pedal, uncompromising and constant, and forms the basis for multi-layer monumental guitar superstructures.

Creative core of In Flames is singer Anders and guitarist (former drummer of In Flames) Björn Gelotte. The last two albums were produced by the famous Howard Benson (e.g. My Chemical Romance, Motörhead), who added a massive sound and together they defended the position of one of the world’s largest metal bands. How they swear by fans of all ages – In Flames we trust!