4–6/7/2019 Hradec Králové

Acclaimed by the French press (Les Inrocks, Trax, Noisey etc) as well as internationally (The New York Times, The Quietus), KillASon is in the process of revealing the full extent of his charisma to the world, carried by his vibrant, hybrid hip-hop style. A year after the exuberant The Rize, Marcus Dossavi-Gourdot is back in style with STW1, an EP with six new tracks that are lighter, more melodic, and more spacious than before. They’re also more introspective and reference more personal touchstones – ‘Illumina’ recounts the story of his mother, Julie Dossavi, a dancer and contemporary dance choreographer; ‘Number 41’ tips its hat to Tetsuo Shima, the famous manga character from Akira, ‘ABTM’ is a wake-up call for a member of his entourage, while the first and last tracks are inspired by his grandmother’s sayings. On STW1, this marketing student at the Paris-Dauphine University has developed a more personal rap style, always impeccably delivered in English, influenced by the US (Busta Rhymes, Outkast, Little Wayne and Michael Jackson).