4–6/7/2019 Hradec Králové

Kodaline has been kicking ass since their first album In a Perfect World. Their nostalgic indie pop is a delight for radios and all the freshly in (or out of) love. For increasing chances of being emotionally touched, they are darlings of filmmakers who like to use their music to display the strong moments in their stories. You won’t meet nicer guys at the festival other then Kodaline. They know each other since childhood and made their first songs on a guitar and piano in their children’s rooms. Young Irish folks tested their future global hits in the streets of Dublin. Even though they were stars already since 2016, in the Czech Republic they slowly built a reputation from small clubs to large open airs. They won’t bore you with anthem’s for sensitive souls as they also going to play their new album Politics of Living. Besides their classic ballads, you’ll be stunned by feelings of modern dance or strong choral sounds. Fluffiest gig of Rock for People 2019? Definitely Kodaline.