4–6/7/2019 Hradec Králové

Unmistakable English loaded with a strong Baltic accent, ironic lyrics coupled with a peculiar mix of rap and electronics – that’s Tommy Cash! His distinctive style goes beyond what you’ve seen so far!

The bizarre Estonian rapper got his first large recognition in 2013 when he won a prize for the top new artist of the year at the Estonian Hip-Hop Awards. Since then, he has been collecting millions of views online.

He claims he started with music on November 25, 2011, and got strongly inspired by Kanye West. Most of the scripts and the direction of his music videos are done by himself. The provocative handwriting and exaggeration are present all over his music. One of his quotes for Crack Magazine proves it: “What makes others uncomfortable makes me comfortable, actually. I don’t see anything gross in the things that I do.”

After the series of successful singles and five years on stage, Tommy Cash released his debut album “¥ € $” last year. Tommy Cash is now in his best shape and you can see it yourself this summer at RFP!